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waziggle lets you search and share deals at places in your area.

Business all around you have deals, discounts and special offers available. waziggle is the largest aggregator of deals and spends hours every day collecting deals from the best deal sites.

Search and find a deal on what you're looking for where you're looking for it. By also tapping into the knowledge of crowds, waziggle allows you to find deals you likely never would have heard of.

Be a part of the waziggle community by sharing deals you know of to help others and the businesses you like.

Everything from restaurants to yoga lessons

All local businesses are included: restaurants, stores, activities, services, automotive and accommodations. Basically, any business in your area.

47,563 deals & discounts from:

  • Leading deal sites
  • Local businesses
  • waziggle users

Designed for mobile

waziggle is a web app specifically desgined for use on mobile devices to make it easier to search for deals as you're out and about in your area. It works with all mobile devices, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers.

It's Free and always will be

waziggle is free for consumers and no sign up or email address is required to search deals. Search and share as much as you want.

So why sign up?

You don't have to sign up. You can search for deals on waziggle as much as you want. Signing up allows you to:

  • Rate & comment on deals.
  • Set alerts to be notified when new deals come up.
  • Set My Area for quicker searches, you don't have to enter a location.

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It's free and always will be.

  • Get custom deal alerts.
  • Share, rate & comment on deals.
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